CCM Classic Focus on Bob Ayala

Blinded in his youth, Bob Ayala began performing in 1969 at The Salt Company, a Christian coffeehouse in Los Angeles, CA. He released his first album in 1976 and was also voted Best New Artist that year by CCM readers. He later became involved with Keith and Melody Green‘s Last Days Ministries and released an album on their record label in 1985. In December 1999 he released two independent albums and he continues to perform concerts.

 Bob Ayala has been a Performer/songwriter and a member of ASCAP for 3 decades. Blinded from his youth, He didn’t let this slow him down and began his CCM performer/songwriter career in the 1970s. By 1980 he recorded 3 albums with Myrrh Records, a division of Word.  In the mid 1980s he released his fourth recording project on Sparrow records.

Bob was a staff writer with Hosanna! Integrity music for 3 years. They recorded about 20 of Bob’s songs. After the contract ended, a mutual decision was made to not renew as most of what he was writing and wanted to write was not in the worship genre, which was their main emphasis at the time. Despite having been a performer since he was 14, his passion was songwriting, more than performing. Bob’s strong suit has always been as a lyricist.

Recently, he has set his sights on plying his talents to writing main stream country music, and finds himself coming full circle, as much of his early music had definite country influences.

“Pour Through Me”

Since he is one of my definite favorites, I can’t help myself.  This cassette was called “Rescued.” I listened to it, over and over, until the tape wore out.  This was way back in 1986, when I was doing high-visibility evangelism with a dozen other believers, out of a ratty old Victorian in the Mission District of San Francisco.  His music helped come through this challenging time of my life.

“Its My Dream”

Both of these are songs from YouTube. But this is a sad song. It gets shared because of the excellence of music and lyrics (I love the gentle sax.) I am really excited to share them, as Bob Ayala was a profound influence in my life.

Please go to the BB Classic Christian Music Index and see what else is listed.  We have dozens of great CCM artists from the 70s and 80s.  I know you’ll be blessed.

Getting Fixed

“I, I am he who blots out your transgressions for my own sake, and I will not remember your sins.”

Isaiah 43:25, ESV

We have a hard time forgiving ourselves from our sins; and ironically the Lord has a hard time remembering them.  Obviously, He is not becoming senile on us.  Yet He chooses to become “forgetful.”  Especially forgetting those dark evils, and twisted agendas.  Once we do enter into His covenant, we find this God who forgets all of our sins waiting for us, His arms wide open and running to us.

There is something noteworthy and special about a forgiven sinner.  In a deep sense we have been altered.  We have become a new creation,  (that word can easily be translated as “species.”)  Something tangible has happened, a definite alteration has taken place.  Something new and totally different– the forgiven believer now exists! “If anyone belongs to Christ, there is a new creation. The old things have gone; everything is made new!” 2 Cor. 5:17

Our sin has been extracted from our hearts.  For the first time, we have the ability to say “no!”  We can now turn and go the other direction.  We can walk in such a freedom and awareness of being loved that it really easy to let Him change us from the inside out.

“For I will be merciful toward their iniquities, and I will remember their sins no more.”

Hebrews 8:12, ESV


We just connected with a strategic point.  We have produced 800 posts!  This is an amazing thing, and it shows that this site is not going away.  We have come to this place by the Father’s watchfulness.

800 posts is a staggering place to be.  Yet I know, (beyond a doubt) that the Lord’s contact with BB has been very good and perhaps exceptional.  When He saturates a post, He supernaturally lifts it and brings to it a life that is tremendous.

Basically, I will respond to whatever He gives.  The Holy Spirit has decided to enrich the posts we put up.  I know He is good, and has so much to share with us.  There is an eagerness that He has, and He intends to bring His own to Himself.

Be the Lord of My Past

“Lord of the Past,” Lyrics by Bob Bennett

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Every harsh word spoken
Every promise ever broken to me
Total recall of data in the memory
Every tear that has washed my face
Every moment of disgrace that I have known
Every time I’ve ever felt alone

Lord of the here and now
Lord of the come what may
I want to believe somehow
That you can heal these wounds of yesterday
(You can redeem these things so far away)
So now I’m asking you
To do what you want to do
Be the Lord of the Past
(Be the Lord of my Past)
Oh how I want you to
Be the Lord of the Past

All the chances I let slip by
All the dreams that I let die in vain
Afraid of failure and afraid of pain
Every tear that has washed my face
Every moment of disgrace that I have known
Every time I’ve ever felt alone

Well I picked up all these pieces
And I built a strong deception
And I locked myself inside of it
For my own protection
And I sit alone inside myself
And curse my company
For this thing that has kept me alive for so long
Is now killing me.
And as sure as the sin rose this morning,
The man in the moon hides his face tonight.
And I lay myself down on my bed
And I pray this prayer inside my head

Lord of the here and now
Lord of the come what may
I want to believe somehow
That you can heal these wounds of yesterday
So now I’m asking you
To do what you want to do
Be the Lord of my Past
You can do anything
Be the Lord of the Past
I know that you can find a way
To heal every yesterday of my life
Be the Lord of the Past

Putting it Under a Microscope

Within our walks, as we attempt to follow Jesus, we need to be seriously evaluating our hearts–and the issues that affect them. If we make a short list, but the make-up would probably be justification, sanctification, glorification and deliverance.

Of this list, perhaps ‘justification’ takes the biggest hit.  Being declared ‘right with God‘ is targeted especially as the most significant .  But justification is quite potent, it will stand when all the other issues will stumble.  Justification is the starting point, and then it carries us quite a bit further. It stands when everything else crumbles.

We come to this place, it almost seems bizarre and garish as it comes to us.  But our simple faith in Jesus Christ has made us righteous.  But it seems, if we start to extrapolate it out, we start  thinking of realities and probabilities. These often confuse and darken our way, when they not really meant to.

“What if?” “But what might happen?” “Isn’t this a bit bizarre?” “Can’t I really make this ‘Christianity’ work?”  And yet at times, we won’t take a solid position, but we operate out of a miasma of thoughts that flit through our hearts.

In the courtroom of heaven, where God sits as a judge, we are given fair hearing. But simply put we aren’t so much as made righteous, but we are declared righteous.  The Greek word in the original is centered on this exclusive sense of “declaration.”

You have been declared righteous!  It is definitely not a feeling, or a sense of being just or righteous– because this changes 24x a day.  It seems I feel that I can never truly accumulate enough to save me.  And since I am always moving, I can never really figure it out.  And this makes me afraid. I become very disturbed. 

We are meant to walk out a sincere justification.  The enemy scrambles it before we can grasp it.  Satan‘s presence must be nullified in this.  There is something radical and decisive here.  And it is here he puts his crack troops.  This is a definite attempt to destroy your witness.

Three Paintings You May Like, (Maybe)

Copy of Van Gogh’sStarry Night“, done in Acrylics (but should’ve been done in Oils.)  This hangs in a non-profit org. here in Homer, Alaska.
 My favorite, out of everything I have done. “Jesus, with His crown of thorns” This sets on the landing of my steps, coming down from my loft.
California Poppies, Acrylic–

This hangs in my home, since I refuse to peddle it to whoever thinks they might have it in their interests to put it up on their wall.

These three paintings are recovered into circulation because a dear friend asked me, (quite directly, mind you) to bring them out into the sunlight again.  For whatever they are worth, it you can soak out anything of truth and understanding, I will leave it up to you. For the most part, I regard these as a definite foolishness. If you happen to disagree, I have no real problem in that. 

CCM Spotlight on Bob Bennett

“Lord, of the Past”

Bob Bennett makes superb music, which simply brings us into a wonderful place.  This song in particular, ignites something inside, and brings us to a side of the cross, that somehow we’ve not yet seen.  I really hope you will make room to listen to this, and maybe, just listen to all his songs.  You will find him to be concrete.

Enjoy this song, and then, maybe, play it again.  Let the lyrics seep deep within.  After-all, your heart needs to hear this voice.

From Wikipedia,

Bob Bennett was born on March 21, 1955 in Downey, California. He picked up his first guitar at age nine and formed a rock ‘n’ roll band in high school. In the late seventies he converted to Christianity and his songwriting began to reflect his newfound faith.[1]

His career was launched with the release of his 1979 folk-style debut recording First Things First. Three years later came Matters of the Heart, a recording Contemporary Christian Music Magazine voted 1982’s “Album of the Year”, ranking it among the top 20 contemporary Christian albums of all time. Soon after the release of his next recording, Non-Fiction, he served as opening act on Amy Grant‘s “Unguarded tour.”  Lord of the Past: A Compilation followed, which peaked at 30th position on Billboard magazine’s Top Contemporary Christian chart in 1990.[2] The album’s title song reached number one on the Christian radio charts in early 1990. This was followed by Bennett’s second number one song: “Yours Alone”.

Later in 1990 Bob joined Michael Card on his The Way of Wisdom tour, performing in front of sold-out audiences across the country. Bob credits his tour with Michael Card as being the only reason he had a career in 1990 and 1991.

Songs from Bright Avenue was released in 1991, a collection of songs he wrote while struggling with the dissolution of his marriage. Bob’s most recent CD is Christmastide, released in 2009.  Bob plays a Kevin Ryan guitar.