Creativity– Coloring Outside the Lines

“So God created human beings in his own image.     In the image of God he created them;     male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27 “Christianity is not about learning how to live within the lines; Christianity is about the joy of coloring.” — Mike Yaconelli (Dangerous Wonder) I know that this is not Bible, I have thoughtContinue reading “Creativity– Coloring Outside the Lines”

Why Are You Still Outside?

There are so many that are outside our walls.  Those who are blinded and confused by the Church and the gospel. People are for the most part not this blatant or obvious in their pain.  But it is what they are asking that tunes us in. “Where?” Humans have been created with a special spot insideContinue reading “Why Are You Still Outside?”

The Ugly Ducklings

An old fairy tale came crashing through my study this morning. Perhaps you can remember it, “The Ugly Duckling”  by Hans Christian Andersen. Now I don’t think about children’s stories very often. I regard my thinking about them to be a bit of an anomaly, and certainly not everyday fare. Maybe it should be aContinue reading “The Ugly Ducklings”