Anxiety Understood: Checklists

Personally, I have wrestled with anxiety over the years. The residual effect on my personality has been profound. The ‘panic attacks’ are coming about once a week, and they can be a formidable enemy. So far, I have not required meds for them, but I usually just crawl into bed, dim the lights and pray.Continue reading “Anxiety Understood: Checklists”

Praying Out the Dark

Prayer for Light in the Darkness of Depression Depression can feel like life has no meaning or purpose. The following prayer asks God’s light to shine and warm, even in the deepest depression: “God of light, bring light and love into my inner darkness. Let me trust You are here, even if everything seems coldContinue reading “Praying Out the Dark”

The Fighting Caregiver

  0If you know someone who has bipolar disorder, it affects you too. The first and most important thing you can do is help him or her get the right diagnosis and treatment. You may need to make the appointment and go with him or her to see the doctor. Encourageyour loved one to stayContinue reading “The Fighting Caregiver”

Jump Me! The Vital Ministry of an Encourager

We, more than others, should carry jumper and tow cables not only in our cars, but also in our hearts, by which means we can send the needed boost or charge of encouragement or the added momentum to mortal neighbors.         — Neal A. Maxwell “One of the highest of human duties is the duty ofContinue reading “Jump Me! The Vital Ministry of an Encourager”