Focus on a Known God

Note: I recently posted this on my blog, Linda Kruschke’s Blog, and right away I knew I needed to post it here at Broken Believers, too. I hope it will encourage many here. Some things in life are unknown. Right now I’m facing the unknown of health concerns. After multiple tests, doctors still don’t knowContinue reading “Focus on a Known God”

Hope in the Darkness

Winter can be a particularly trying time for those who struggle with depression and bipolar disorder. The increased darkness outside can begin to reflect in our hearts and so increase the darkness within. I know Pr. Bryan has posted here before about the challenge of winters in Alaska where the days are extremely short. ButContinue reading “Hope in the Darkness”

Music Soothes the Soul

By Linda K. Anyone who has read much of my blog, Linda Kruschke’s Blog, knows that I love music. I’ve devoted my Monday posts to music topics and many other days end up including a music component, too. Music can lift my spirits, give me encouragement, and get me moving when I’m down. But over theContinue reading “Music Soothes the Soul”

CCM Spotlight–Jamie Owens Collins

  “The Battle Belongs to the Lord” by Jamie Owens Collins Jamie Owens Collins carried a neat anointing whenever she sang.  Furthermore she had a strong influence on later generation female vocalists, like Amy Grant and Twila Paris. Unfortunately, few if any any videos of her ministering can be found.  I chose this song as itsContinue reading “CCM Spotlight–Jamie Owens Collins”