Bedlam: Prisons and the Mentally Ill

Taking a Stand for Our Brothers and Sisters  By Mark Earley, Christian Post Guest Columnist, Wed, Aug. 08, 2007 In the 16th century, London’s mentally ill were often kept at Bethlem Royal Hospital. The conditions inside the hospital were notoriously poor. Patients were often chained to the floor and the noise was so great thatContinue reading “Bedlam: Prisons and the Mentally Ill”

Escaping Like a Caged Bird– Psalm 124

The Lord Saves His People A song for going up to worship. Of David.  1 What if the Lord had not been on our side?         (Let Israel repeat this.)  2 What if the Lord had not been on our side         when we were attacked?  3 When they were angry with us,         they would have swallowed us alive.  4 They would have been like aContinue reading “Escaping Like a Caged Bird– Psalm 124”

Hell and Hope

Sometimes, I feel like a tour guide for believers that are walking through hell. I point out the different strugglers, and urge each one not to linger too long but to keep moving. We look on those trapped (they have no hope within them) but we hope that they are yet to reach out forContinue reading “Hell and Hope”