Some Struggles Are Not Optional

“There are some fires you can’t get out of–you’ve got to go through the fire–you’ve got to go through the flood–you’ve got to go through the test–you’ve got to go through the struggle that you might decrease and he might increase.”  –T.D. Jakes   “God never promises to remove us from our struggles. He doesContinue reading “Some Struggles Are Not Optional”

Dying to Self

In this particular post we are looking at an element of Christian discipleship that ties us all together. We must learn to die to self to be faithful. There can be no obedience unless we choose to carry our cross to a place of death. “Those who belong to Christ Jesus have nailed the passionsContinue reading “Dying to Self”

What is it for you to be a Christian? –J.R. Miller

What is it for you to be a Christian? We ought to seek to gather in this world — treasure that we can carry with us through death’s gates, and into the eternal world. We should strive to build into our lives — qualities that shall endure. Men slave and work to get a littleContinue reading “What is it for you to be a Christian? –J.R. Miller”

A Broken Brokenbeliever

I am a premium blend of paradox and inconsistencies. I make no claim at all to being anything but. I’m afraid my bipolar has marked me. But I’m finding victory in Christ, For me discipleship is simply being close to Jesus. I come with baggage which I give to Him. He insist on taking allContinue reading “A Broken Brokenbeliever”