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A Finder’s Fee of Joy

“Tax collectors and other notorious sinners often came to listen to Jesus teach. This made the Pharisees and teachers of religious law complain that he was associating with such sinful people—even eating with them!” (Luke 15:1) “If a man has a … Continue reading

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Together, for Each Other

“The Bible knows nothing of solitary religion.”  –John Wesley There isn’t really a place for the individual in our walk of discipleship.  This is a most exceptional truth.  You might say that our society here in the U.S. is expressed in … Continue reading

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CT Interview with Brennan Manning

The Dick Staub Interview: Brennan Manning on “Ruthless Trust” Many Christians are still afraid to let God love them as they truly are, says the former priest, sober alcoholic, and author. This is just a small excerpt of an … Continue reading

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Our Hearts Plead for Good Pastors

October has been set aside for appreciation of our pastors. I encourage you to pray for them and their families. Within our personal issues of vulnerability, there are usually great problems. These are tender areas: Alcoholism, drug abuse, mental illnesses, … Continue reading

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The Hidden Smile of God, [Discovery]

  Imagine for just a moment, you can actually see the face of God. Is He…? angry, seething with a vindictive hostility rolling His eyes, amused, maybe a bit perplexed disturbed, frustrated, ready to give up on you not looking at … Continue reading

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Why the Church? [Fellowship of the Saints]

It is easy to become cynical and hard about the Church. We easily see failure and defeat permeating our local churches. That is a serious problem, if we look too close, or for too long. The sins of the Church … Continue reading

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Melancholy in Amber

Edgar Degas, Melancholy/ c. 1874, oil on canvas, Phillips Collection, Washington D.C. The sadness flows from this painting. Degas caught the dark despondency of his model. Her inertia becomes something we can gaze on carefully and at leisure. This is one of … Continue reading

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