“In His Steps”, Reading #6

Chapter Two, con’t “We all understand,” said he, speaking very quietly, “what we have undertaken to do. We pledge ourselves to do everything in our daily lives after asking the question, What would Jesus do?’ regardless of what may be the result to us. Some time I shall be able to tell you what aContinue reading ““In His Steps”, Reading #6″

“In His Steps”, Reading #5

Again Henry Maxwell paused and looked into the faces of his people. There were some strong, earnest men and women in the First Church. He could see Edward Norman, editor of the Raymond Daily News. He had been a member of the First Church for ten years. No man was more honored in the community.Continue reading ““In His Steps”, Reading #5″

“In His Steps”, Reading #4

by Charles Sheldon Did you know, In His Steps was first published in 1896, by the Chicago Advance?  It was first released as as series (like we’re doing here.) ________________________________________________ Chapter 2   Henry Maxwell and a group of his church members remained some time in the study. The man lay on the couch thereContinue reading ““In His Steps”, Reading #4″

“In His Steps”, Reading #3

The sermon had come to a close. Mr. Maxwell had just turned the half of the big Bible over upon his manuscript and was about to sit down as the quartet prepared to arise to sing the closing selection,  “All for Jesus, all for Jesus, All my being’s ransomed powers”  when the entire congregation was startledContinue reading ““In His Steps”, Reading #3″