“In His Steps”, Reading #11

Chapter Four, con’t But Edward Norman had not yet faced his most serious problem. When he came down to the office Friday morning he was confronted with the usual program for the Sunday morning edition. The NEWS was one one of the few evening papers in Raymond to issue a Sunday edition, and it hadContinue reading ““In His Steps”, Reading #11″

“In His Steps”, Reading #10

In His Steps Chapter 4   During the week he was in receipt of numerous letters commenting on the absence from the News of the account of the prize fight. Two or three of these letters may be of interest. Editor of the News: Dear Sir – I have been thinking for some time ofContinue reading ““In His Steps”, Reading #10″

“In His Steps”, Reading #9

Chapter Three, con’t There were several other boys at the delivery room and they were all excited and disgusted. The amount of slangy remonstrance hurled at the clerk back of the long counter would have driven any one else to despair. He was used to more or less of it all the time, and consequentlyContinue reading ““In His Steps”, Reading #9″

“In His Steps”, Reading #8

Chapter Three, con’t “What effect will that have on the paper?” he finally managed to ask in a faint voice. “What do you think?” asked Norman with a keen glance. “I think it will simply ruin the paper,” replied Clark promptly. He was gathering up his bewildered senses, and began to remonstrate, “Why, it isn’tContinue reading ““In His Steps”, Reading #8″